Mission Statement

It is our mission to consistently provide, without compromise, the highest quality new and remanufactured parts for heavy equipment to our hardworking customer base. We promise to bring value to customers by promoting the longevity of their heavy equipment and critical inventory.

Our Philosophy

Long Island Heavy Equipment Parts Inc. has more than 40 years of cumulative experience in the parts and service in the heavy equipment industry. We have over 100,000 equipment parts available to meet your machine or truck engine requirements. Our services include repairing bucket linkage and loader frames. To some companies, providing parts for heavy equipment is just a job; but to us, it is our passion. We believe that we can only exist and operate because of the support of our customers: the hardest working people in America.

In your field, you need your equipment to work efficiently and safely, and we are grateful to be part of the ongoing success of your business. We hire parts specialists who know exactly what quality parts your heavy machinery needs to keep running, and our expertise and industry experience sets us apart from our competitors.

Quality parts, quick delivery, and working with customer-oriented parts specialists- That is the Long Island Heavy Equipment Parts Inc. way.

Find Your Heavy Machine Parts Today

Now that you have learned about us, we want to learn about you and what we can do to help your construction, trucking, scrap yard, or demolition company thrive. Browse through our online inventory of parts for heavy equipment at your convenience, or contact us directly today.