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Due to the fact that camshafts open and close engine valves while rotating, they have a considerable effect on the engine performance. This is why only perfect parts that meet the required standards pass the quality inspections. Our camshafts ensure long-term operation efficiency as a result of careful and quality based production. It guarantees a long-life camshaft, as well as less downtime and smooth running engines.

Part No.DescriptionEngine ModelCamshaft Bearing
1006298CAMSHAFT W/ GEAR3116(1) 2W7211, (6) 2W7213
1007408CAMSHAFT3406B(1) 4N6658, (6) 4N0685
1323930CAMSHAFT3054(1) 365802
2W1221CAMSHAFT3204(1) 1W5920, (2) 9N5246
2W5289CAMSHAFT W/O GEAR3412(2) 4N6658, (2) 4N0685
2W7980CAMSHAFT W/O GEAR3408(2) 4N6658, (3) 4N0685
4P2942CAMSHAFT3306(1) 8N4110, (4) 7M4046
4W2430CAMSHAFT A3406B / 3406C(1) 4N6658, (6) 4N0685
7W5426CAMSHAFT A W/O GEAR3116(1) 2W7211, (6) 2W7213
8N9245CAMSHAFT A W/O GEAR3406(1) 4N6658, (6) 4N0685
9Y1723CAMSHAFT W/O GEAR3304(1) 8N4110, (2) 7M4046
9Y3354CAMSHAFT W/O GEAR3208(5) 9L8072
9Y3355CAMSHAFT W/O GEAR3208 TURBO(5) 9N5246

Numbers in parenthesis ( ) indicate the quantity of camshaft bearings needed per camshaft installation.

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only