Connecting Rods

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Connecting Rods

Connecting rods are subject to tremendous stress from the reciprocating load represented by the piston, having to stretch and relax with every rotation. Failure of a connecting rod is one of the most common causes of catastrophic engine failure. This is why Connecting Rods are made from steel forgings (malleable, spheroid-graphite iron casting or sinter forgings are beginning to be used for smaller engines).

Part No.DescritionEngine Model / Application
676879Connecting Rod A416/4, 236, 3054
1P0009Connecting Rod AD399
2133193Connecting Rod A3116, C7
2255453Connecting Rod A3054
5I7668Connecting Rod A3066
7E4728Connecting Rod A - Tapered3208
7E5996Connecting Rod A - Tapered3406B
7N3229Connecting Rod A - Narrow Taper3408, 3412
8N1721Connecting Rod A - Straight 1.70"D330C, 3304, 3306
8N1726Connecting Rod A - Wide Taper3406IHC, 3408, 3412
8N1728Connecting Rod A3408, 3412
8N1984Connecting Rod A3304, 3306
8N3753Connecting Rod A3204, D3, 910, D4H
9N0407Connecting Rod A - Straight3208
9Y6054Connecting Rod A - Tapered3406

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only