Crankshafts Seals

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Crankshaft Seals

The front and rear crankshaft seals are a proper combination of: Seal + Wear Sleeve. Front and rear crankshaft seals have Wear Sleeves to provide increased crank reusability. Wear Sleeve improves performance of the seal, keeping the dirt away from the sealing lips; this avoids the contamination of oil, maintaining its lubrication properties. The Seal has grooves in the seal lip that return to oil to the deposit during the rotation of the crankshaft.

Standard Crankshaft Seals -

Part NoApplicationDescription
11541203126SEAL GP
22239103126SEAL GP - FRONT
7W32003204SEAL GP
7W32023204SEAL GP
7C66603208SEAL GP
2P62243304SEAL GP
4W04523306SEAL GP
9Y98953306SEAL GP - FRONT
11384333500SEAL GP - FRONT
28804223054, 3056SEAL GP - FRONT
4W53603054, 3056SEAL GP - REAR
5I76563066, 3064SEAL GP - FRONT
5I76603066, 3064SEAL GP - REAR
24573393116, 3126. C7SEAL GP - FRONT
11541093116, 3126B, 3126ESEAL GP - REAR
11929213116, 3126B, 3126ESEAL GP - FRONT
22239093116, 3126B, C7SEAL GP - REAR
7C17283176, C9, C11, C12, C13SEAL GP - REAR
12601103176BSEAL GP - FRONT
2P62263304, 3306SEAL GP
7C42973306, C9SEAL GP - REAR
11384323508, 3512, 3516SEAL GP - FRONT
1694166C-10, C-13SEAL GP - FRONT
2264755C11, C13SEAL GP - FRONT
1005421C11, C15SEAL GP - REAR
4W8133C15, 3406SEAL GP - FRONT
4W8134C15, 3407SEAL GP - REAR
1425867C15, C18SEAL GP - FRONT
1425868C15, C18SEAL GP - REAR
1878971C-9SEAL GP - REAR
2854073C-9SEAL GP - REAR
2854074C-9SEAL GP - REAR
4W2606D379/398SEAL GP
4W2607D379/398SEAL GP

Crankshaft Seals are packed with a special anti-rust paper that extends the shelf life of the seal.

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only.