Engine Rotocoils

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Engine Valve Rotocoil

Prevent the formation of carbon in the valve guide as well as avoid the premature wear of the engine valves with Rotocoils.

Engine No.Part No.DescriptionLock Keeper
988, G3434N6761ROTOCOIL A2A4429
32049N0187ROTOCOIL A2A4429
3304, 33061W5300ROTOCOIL A2A4429
3304, 3306, G34086N7175ROTOCOIL A2A4429
3406B, 3406C9Y3329ROTOCOIL A2A4429
3406B, 34086N7154ROTOCOIL A2A4429
3406C4W2474ROTOCOIL A2A4429
3406E, C154P4962ROTOCOIL2A4429
3408E1376500ROTOCOIL A2A4429
3500, 3508C3165978ROTOCOIL A2A4429
3508C3165979ROTOCOIL A1977055
3512B1976999ROTOCOIL A2A4429
3516B1977062ROTOCOIL A2A4429
3516B1977063ROTOCOIL A1977055
C10, 3176B6I2663ROTOCOIL A2A4429
C15, C181862001ROTOCOIL A2A4429
D4, D5, G33068N7782ROTOCOIL A2A4429
D4362S2813ROTOCOIL A2A4429
D5, D6, 9553S0461ROTOCOIL2A4429
D7, D8, D97N7639ROTATOR3B1142
G35161333814ROTOCOIL A2A4429

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only