High Head Bolts

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High-Strength High-Heads

High Head Bolts -

Introduces the New High-Head Bolts. Designed for use in high stress and extreme service environments.

Features of newly designed High-Head Bolts:

  1. Thicker than the standard bolt head, adding extra wrenching surface.
  2. Washer face eliminates corner drag.
  3. Radius under the bolt head increases strenght.
  4. UNR radiused root bolt thread increases fatigue resistance by reducing the notch effect of conventional UN threads. The UNR thread radius is maintained into the thread runout at the junction of thread to shank.
Part No.Description 
0L0478CAP Screw
0L1178CAP Screw
0L1351CAP Screw
0S0509CAP Screw
0S1566CAP Screw
0S1571CAP Screw
0S1573CAP Screw
0S1585CAP Screw
0S1587CAP Screw - Oil Coated
0S1588CAP Screw
0S1589CAP Screw
0S1591CAP Screw
0S1592CAP Screw
0S1594CAP Screw
0S1595CAP Screw
0S1602CAP Screw
0S1615CAP Screw
0S1616CAP Screw
0S1619CAP Screw
0S1621CAP Screw
0S1625CAP Screw
0S1627CAP Screw
0S1973CAP Screw
1A1135CAP Screw
1A1460CAP Screw
1A2029CAP Screw
1A5405HEX CAP Screw
1A5576CAP Screw
1A8063CAP Screw
1A8537CAP Screw
1B4367CAP Screw
1B7709CAP Screw
1D4569CAP Screw
1D4574CAP Screw
1D4585CAP Screw
1D4586CAP Screw
1D4590CAP Screw
1D4593CAP Screw
1D4595CAP Screw
1D4599CAP Screw
1D4608CAP Screw
1D4609CAP Screw
1D4610CAP Screw
1D4612CAP Screw
1D4614CAP Screw
1D4615CAP Screw
1D4616CAP Screw
1D4620CAP Screw
1D4621CAP Screw
1D4624CAP Screw
1D4628CAP Screw
1D4629CAP Screw
1D4630CAP Screw
1D4634CAP Screw
1D4639CAP Screw
1D4640CAP Screw
1D4642CAP Screw
1D4645CAP Screw
1D4647CAP Screw
1D6260CAP Screw
1K9420CAP Screw
2A1538CAP Screw
2B0947CAP Screw
2D3424CAP Screw
2H3856CAP Screw
2H6488CAP Screw
2M3530HEX CAP Screw
3B2968CAP Screw
3B6753CAP Screw
3E9850CAP Screw - Zinc
4I6994CAP Screw - Zinc
5B2638CAP Screw
5B5473CAP Screw
5F9338CAP Screw
5L4398HEX CAP Screw
6F4991CAP Screw
6H1717CAP Screw
6J4081CAP Screw
6K0953HEX CAP Screw
7B3235CAP Screw
7F5227CAP Screw
7X2562CAP Screw - Zinc
7X2563CAP Screw - Zinc
7X2565CAP Screw
7X2575CAP Screw - Zinc
8C6857Bolt - Zinc
8F3152CAP Screw
8S4755CAP Screw
8S4756HEX CAP Screw
8S9089CAP Screw
8S9092CAP Screw - Oil Coated
8T9399CAP Screw
9F6936CAP Screw
9S1322CAP Screw
9S1351CAP Screw

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only