Needle Bearings

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Needle Bearings

Needle Bearings have a significant reduction in the surface roughness, which equates to a better rotation performance. This prevents the bearings from:

  • Large stress concentration that might cause it to crack
  • Heat buildup, which may cause premature failure.
Part No.Application
1F4503992, D397, D38
1F4622G348, G349
1J3710D4H, D6G, D5E
1P3958992K, 740, 980C, 980K
1S9110633, 834
1994582322L, 322LN
2H3822657G, 633E, 637G
2L0611920, D8K, D5B, D7G
2P318712G, 14G
3K6711769B, 773, 120, 768B
4B3671D8, D8H, D5, D6C
4J2667120H, 140H, 160H
4J3044D6H, D7R, D8R, D9R, 631E
4M3915D8H, D9, D9G, 966B, 966
5D2989D6R, 980C, 980K
5F0255120B, 140B, 621B
5F2830980C, 980K, 826H
5M0578966C, 814, 815, 650B
5M2051D9G, 775B, 637G
5M2054633, 621H, 627H, 12G, 980K
5M205514H, 14G. 613C, 613G
5M501812G, 14H, 621H, 637G
5M6126D6, D7, 977
5M6228D5H, D9R, D5M
5M7925966C, 814, 815, 650B
5P0403980C, 980K, 980G
5P1901D6G, D7G
5P3930D8N, 3406
5P6254D9N, 3412
5P6441777, D348, D8L
5P6721D9R, D9T, D10N
5P7661740, 740B, 770G
6D3886D9R, 994F, D10N
6K4487966C, 815, 966C
6K808812G, D6G, 530B
7B5670D398B, D399
7K213512G, 160H, 14H
7S4534637, 966K, 962H
8B4132D4H, D5H, D5M
8S0542916, 920
9H5205966C, 966R
9S4775D3C, D5C, D5D
9S6465994D, D9R, D6G

Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only.