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O-Ring Kits

Suitcase Style O-Ring Kits -

All O-Ring Kits come in special protective suitcases, containing the most popular ring sizes.

Viton O-Rings have higher temperature resistance than regular O-Rings. SN75 contains Nitrile 75 Hardness, substantially improving the lifetime of the component. O-Rings can be use in any industrial application from automotive to heavy equipment. For more information about the differences between O-Rings, please look at the reference chart on the back of the page.

Part No.MaterialDescription
SN75Nitrile O-Ring30 Sizes / 381 Pieces
MN70Nitrile 70 O-Ring30 Sizes / 440 Pieces
0257Vitron O-Ring54 Sizes / 223 Pieces
0157Silicone O-Ring54 Sizes / 223 Pieces
0057Nitrile 75 O-Ring54 Sizes / 223 Pieces
4C8253Silicone 70 O-Ring32 Sizes / 149 Pieces
4C4784Nitrile 90 O-Ring9 Sizes / 80 Pieces
4C4782Nitrile 90 O-Ring32 Sizes / 580 Pieces
9S3135Nitrile 90 O-Ring6 Sizes / 60 Pieces

Most common Materials for Rubber O-Rings


SymbolMaterial and Trading NameTemperature Resistance (in working period & measurement in Celcius)Resistance to:Attacked by:
EPDME.P. (Ethylene Pro- pylene)-55~+150- Water - Steam - Break Fluids - Alcohol- Mineral Oil - Solvents - Aromatic Hydrocarbons
NBRNitrile (NBR)-40~+120- Sylicone Oils and greases - Water - Hydraulic fluids - Chemicals- Ozone - Ketones - Phosphate ester - Hydraulic Fluids - Stron Acids
HNBRHydrogenated Nitrile Rubber-40~+125Similar to NBR but with improved chemical resistance and higher temperature. Mostly use in Automotive and Oil applicationsSimilar to NBR
CRChloroprene-40~+120- Oxygen - Ozone - UV light - Oils- Hydrocarbons (aromatic, chlorinated, nitro) - Ketones - Esters - Strong oxidizing acids
ACRAcrylic0~+150- Automatic transmission fluid - Hot oils - Ozone - Fats- Alcohol - Water - Alkelis - Brake fluids - Glycols
UREUrethane-55~+80- Oxygen - Ozone - Fuel - Oils- Ketones - Acids - Esters - Hydrocartons
SILSilicone-55~+250- Oxygen - Ozone - UV light - Oxidizing chemicals- Oils - Ketones - Concentrated acids - Water
FKMFuorocarbon / Viton-18~+200- Fuels and Oils - Hydraulic Fluids - Solvents - Oxidative Environments- Ammonia - Strong Caustic - Certain Polar Solvents

Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only.