Pre-Combustion Chambers

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Pre-Combustion Chamber

Maintain & Condition the proper pressure of the fuel or air mixture of your engine

Pre-Combustion Chambers -

Engine Model Part No. Description Glow Plug
3204 4N8809 CHAMBER A 3T8705
3406, 3408, 3412 4N3714 CHAMBER A 3T8705 / 3T8706
D311, D315, D318 2S1273 CHAMBER 3H2033
D315, D318, 3208 1S1967 CHAMBER A 3H2033
D315, D330 5S1833 CHAMBER 3H2033 / 3T8705
D318G 1S1970 CHAMBER A 3H2033
D320 2M8590 CHAMBER 3T9562
D320 2M8591 CHAMBER -
D330, D333 5S1822 CHAMBER 3T8705
D330C, D333C, 3304, 3306 5S6795 CHAMBER A 3T8705 / 3T9561
D333C 8S1522 CHAMBER 3T8705
D339, D342C 2P0483 CHAMBER 3T9562
D342, D342C 2P0484 CHAMBER 3T9562
D343, 1693 8S1523 CHAMBER 3T9562
D346, D348, D349 8N9489 CHAMBER A 3T9562
D346, D348, D349 9S6743 CHAMBER A 3T9562
D353 7S5787 CHAMBER 3T9562 / 3T9563
D353 8S3617 CHAMBER A 3T9563
D375, D386, D397 5F8265 CHAMBER A -
D9H, D353 6N6969 CHAMBER 7L2123

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only