Caterpillar and Komatsu Hydraulic Hoses

Long Island Heavy Equipment Parts Inc.- Caterpillar and Komatsu Hydraulic Hoses

The hydraulic system in your heavy equipment is what allows your machines to move mountains and lift the unliftable. When your machinery is not able to lift or apply the right amount of force, you may have damaged or worn out a component in the hydraulic system like the hose, piston, rod, or cylinder.

Long Island Heavy Equipment Parts Inc. features a solution to help you with one of the most commonly worn-out components in the system: the hydraulic hoses. Our inventory boasts hoses from the two worldwide leaders in heavy equipment hydraulic hose manufacturing: Caterpillar (CAT®) and Komatsu.

About Caterpillar Hydraulic Hoses

Caterpillar manufactures some of the highest-quality hoses and couplings in the world.  Their  XTTM-3 ES hose survived one million impulse test cycles in the lab, a figure that is twice the standard industry requirement. Another hose they developed, the CAT ToughGuard™, managed to withstand two million impulse test cycles. Caterpillar has strong roots in sustainability and environmental welfare, so they design their hoses to withstand the highest PSI’s. Reliable and durable hydraulic hoses can be changed at a lower frequency which is ideal for both the environment and you, the customer.

About Komatsu Hydraulic Hoses

Long Island Heavy Equipment Parts Inc. distributes only genuine Komatsu parts and hydraulic hoses. Another industry leader, Komatsu hydraulic hosesare designed with cost-effectiveness, convenience, and safety in mind. Komatsu has a wide variety of hoses to fit the needs of different machines, and they are well known for their durability against high pressures.

Replace Your Hydraulic Hoses with Same Day Delivery

Sometimes a job cannot wait a week for your heavy equipment to get repaired. Long Island Heavy Equipment Parts Inc. offers same-day delivery for your hydraulic hoses.

As a construction professional, you probably know how to replace the hoses yourself, but if you need a machine hydraulics specialist, let us be part of your parts replacement solution.

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