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4 Reasons You Should Repair Your Machinery With Used Parts

Construction equipment is undoubtedly expensive. Crawler dozers, excavators, wheel loaders, and aerial platforms are some of the most expensive and important pieces of equipment, reaching a 9% market share in 2011.  Replacing heavy equipment components can be tough on the wallet, especially... More Info

3 Ways to Protect Your Construction Equipment From Theft

If you're in the construction business, it can be difficult to keep track of all your heavy equipment components, parts, and machinery. Not only is it your responsibility to ensure that all your machinery is well kept -- and most construction equipment usually lasts about 15 years -- but you also... More Info

How to Protect Heavy Equipment From Theft

As of 2015, the global construction equipment market was estimated to be at $145.5 billion. Because of all that expensive equipment, these machines can be attractive targets for thieves. In addition to the monetary reasons that prompt these criminals to steal, heavy construction equipment is... More Info

Why Hardox Plates Are So Versatile

Heavy equipment parts need to be able to handle a variety of high-pressure situations. From rough terrain to heavy loads, as well as working in harmony with other equipment components, construction equipment needs to be tougher than nails -- literally. Though the construction industry is one of... More Info

Global Construction Equipment Market to Reach $75 Billion By 2024

Heavy equipment oil coolers, commercial engine cylinders, and other heavy equipment parts are an essential part of the construction market, which is growing into an extremely lucrative industry. A few years ago in 2011, North America held the largest share of construction equipment revenue, earning... More Info

Rollover Safety: A Guide for Heavy Equipment Operators

Regardless of how much experience you have in heavy equipment servicing and operation, there's no question that safety should be one of your largest concerns. Operating heavy equipment causes many injuries and deaths every year, which is why many construction vehicles now come with rollover... More Info

The Top 4 Reasons That Heavy Equipment Breaks Down

Heavy equipment parts are pretty durable -- they need to be to handle such high stress jobs. But that doesn't mean that they cannot be broken. The average piece of construction equipment has a lifespan of about 15 years, but there are no guarantees regarding how long they will actually last.... More Info

How to Prepare and Maintain Heavy Equipment For Wintertime Use

Winter weather can be unpredictable, especially in the northeastern portion of the United States. And although both new and used Cat parts can operate under all sorts of tough conditions, you'll still need to properly prepare and maintain your heavy equipment for the winter season. Of course,... More Info

A Brief Winter Maintenance Checklist for Heavy Equipment

It should go without saying that establishing a heavy equipment servicing schedule is essential to maintaining the health of your heavy equipment parts. You have to make sure ahead of time that your machinery can handle the types of jobs it's meant for because the last thing you need is to be... More Info

Donald Trump's Presidency Can Bring Many Benefits to the Construction Industry

Back in 2011, the North American market was the second largest for construction equipment worldwide and had a revenue stream of about $25.8 billion. While that might seem like a big number, the election of President-elect Donald Trump has the potential to raise this number to new heights. On the... More Info