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FAQs on Heavy Equipment Oil Coolers, Explained

The world of heavy equipment parts is quite massive. In fact, the global construction equipment market had an estimated value of $145.5 billion U.S. dollars as of 2015, a sum that has consistently grown in the past year. In addition to heavy machinery like skid steers and backhoe loaders, there are... More Info

Expanding Market for Used Heavy Equipment Is Good For Buyers

A new report in the Wall Street Journal details the rapidly growing second-hand market for heavy equipment machinery, happening all around the world. As it turns out, that news might be great for buyers (not to mention companies that sell heavy equipment parts), but worrisome for... More Info

How to Prevent Workplace Injuries Involving Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment failure is one of the most common causes of on the job injuries for many workers nationwide. While some of these breakdowns are caused by defects that are out of the user's control, the most common cause of equipment breakdown is user error, which is not covered under a warranty... More Info

3 Benefits of Buying Used CAT Parts

It can be tempting to always buy new, especially when it comes to your heavy equipment purchases. But here's the truth: used parts are often just as effective as brand new ones. And there are a lot of them around -- the global construction market was estimated to be sized at $145.5 billion in 2015... More Info

What You Need For Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic systems are particularly helpful for getting the most out of certain pieces of equipment. Because they allow your heavy equipment parts to operate efficiently, they help you and your team accomplish any task you need to. Indeed, many of the cutting edge commercial engine cylinders and... More Info

New Startup Helps Fleet Owners Rent Idle Heavy Equipment

It was only a matter of time until someone decided to invent the Uber of heavy equipment. Although, to be fair, "invent" is a strong word. For Silicon Valley investors and wannabes, pitching your hot new app as the "Uber of THIS" or the "Airbnb of THAT" has become the next big thing.... More Info

Fire Chief Issues Warning For Heavy Equipment Parts This Summer

Although extreme heat is less of an issue for heavy equipment users here in Long Island, fire safety should never be taken lightly by anyone who works with these machines. On the other side of the country in Redding, California, one fire chief is urging anyone who works with heavy equipment to take... More Info

Experts Reveal 6 Ways To Extend Heavy Equipment Lifespans

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that 20% of all industrial accidents are caused by faulty equipment, and 15% involved fatalities. Not only is extending the lifespan of your heavy equipment good for your workers, but it's also good business. Purchasing new heavy equipment... More Info

Donald Trump: I'm Going To Use Caterpillar and John Deere To Build My Wall

No matter how disconnected someone is from the construction industry, virtually everyone in America knows the name Caterpillar. It's an American institution, and today, its brand is virtually synonymous with heavy equipment of all kinds. So perhaps it's no surprise that Donald Trump is now... More Info

3 Crucial Heavy Equipment Components That Need to Be Maintained at All Costs

Construction is big business, and your company cannot afford to have parts that fail at a moment's notice. While investing in the right type of heavy equipment components is important, you also need a trusted resource for heavy equipment parts when things do go awry. From used Caterpillar parts... More Info