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Heavy Linkage Repair in Long Island: Stuck Between a Rock and a Hardox Plate

Heavy equipment deserves its name. Unfortunately, big, heavy components, hundreds of moving parts, and the tough nature of the job all mean that equipment failure is inevitable. And too often, a crucial piece of equipment or bucket will fail just when you need it the most (and that doesn't even... More Info

3 of the Most Common Reasons Heavy Equipment Sometimes Fails

It's not uncommon for heavy equipment and cutting edges to break. When it happens, there's usually nothing you can do about but to replace the broken heavy equipment parts, and avoid the issue that broke them in the first place. That being said, you must first know why they originally broke.... More Info

Experiencing Common Problems With Heavy Equipment? Check Oil Coolers

If your company depends on heavy equipment, then you already know how important oil coolers are to keep your hydraulics and engines running. And if your heavy equipment oil coolers fail, you might not realize anything is amiss until you experience a serious malfunction. When that happens, work can... More Info

How To Save Money on Heavy Equipment Parts: Bucket Pins, Engine Cylinders, and More

So you want to save money on heavy equipment costs. That doesn't make you cheap, it just makes you a savvy business owner. So many of our customers contact us because they want to know how to save money on heavy equipment parts like bucket pins, engine cylinders, caterpillar parts, Hardox steel... More Info

5 Essential Heavy Equipment Parts in a Hydraulic System

When it comes to getting the most out of your heavy equipment components, a hydraulic system is something that absolutely can't be overlooked or underestimated! A good hydraulic system will allow all of your heavy equipment parts to operate efficiently and help you accomplish any task required. It'... More Info

Launching of New Website

“Long Island Equipment Heavy Parts is pleased to announce the launching of our new website and online part search catalog. We are your one stop shop with over 100,000 heavy equipment parts available for delivery.”

Caterpillar Replacement Parts

LI Heavy Equipment® is a worldwide quality supplier of new replacement parts for Caterpillar® Equipment. At LI Heavy Equipment, we not only offer you premium parts but also an exceptional service, outstanding savings and the support you need to get your order quickly and accurately.

Heavy Linkage Repair

Long Island Heavy Equipment is pleased to announce that we specialize in heavy linkage repair on premises.  We do in-shop line boring, rebuild buckets, and repair/replace pins and bearings for your heavy equipment.

Ground Engaging Tools

Long Island Heavy Equipment releases a complete line of G.E.T Tools (Ground Engaging Tools) and supplies.  Call us today at 631-468-8851 for more information.