3 Benefits of Buying Used CAT Parts

It can be tempting to always buy new, especially when it comes to your heavy equipment purchases. But here's the truth: used parts are often just as effective as brand new ones. And there are a lot of them around -- the global construction market was estimated to be sized at $145.5 billion in 2015, and in 2011, the North American market was the second biggest market for construction worldwide.

Constant production and innovation means that a lot of construction equipment and parts are used only briefly before cutting edge equipment takes its place. And if you're specifically looking for used Caterpillar parts, there's a wide selection to choose from.

Check out these three reasons why it's always a great idea to look for used equipment parts before buying new:
Off-The-Shelf Availability
It will forever be a mystery why manufacturers stop the production of well-loved and widely used products and parts, but they continue to do so. Depending on what type of work you do, you may have some heavy equipment parts that simply get the job done in the best, most manageable way. Instead of consigning yourself to getting used to new-but-definitely-not-improved alternatives, why not find the old? Your used CAT parts are undoubtedly still around, waiting to be reclaimed and used again.

Lower Prices
Since you aren't buying new, you will be paying significantly less, and as long as you use a discerning eye when making these purchases, chances are that the quality won't be diminished at all. Indeed, most pieces of construction equipment have a life expectancy of 15 years, and they are discarded long before their useful lives are even close to over. Cash in on this trend and get your used CAT parts for a real steal.

Environmental Impacts
By minimizing the amount of new materials you purchase, you are significantly reducing your environmental and carbon footprint. Reusing, which constitutes the second part of the well-known mantra, "Reuse, reduce and recycle," is a great way of taking advantage of existing resources.

Save time, money, and help out the environment by looking at used heavy equipment components, especially CAT parts, before you decide to settle on the new.