How to Protect Heavy Equipment From Theft

As of 2015, the global construction equipment market was estimated to be at $145.5 billion. Because of all that expensive equipment, these machines can be attractive targets for thieves. In addition to the monetary reasons that prompt these criminals to steal, heavy construction equipment is especially appealing because it's often left unattended at job sites. If you aren't careful and fail to properly monitor and secure your business and work site, these criminals may try and steal your equipment and either resell them for profit or use them for their own operations.

Because these large pieces of equipment like commercial engine cylinders are worth so much money, it's essential for any business owner to prevent these thieves from succeeding. So how can you protect your heavy equipment components and construction machines from theft?

  • Secure Smaller Components -- Although thieves often don't discriminate and will steal even the largest machine if lend unattended, they often target the smallest machines -- so you should focus on securing them down. If you have any commercial engine cylinders or other similar pieces of machinery laying around your job site, secure them in locked spaces, chain them to the ground, or a large piece of equipment to prevent theft.

  • Invest In a Quality Security System -- Professional criminals can get away with a theft of any size if they have all the time in the world and no one watching them. Even if you secure all your items down with strong chains and locks, if there is no other form of protection than these, they can spend as long as they want breaking down those chains. Spending some cash for a quality security system is a great way to prevent these criminals from stealing your machines and equipment.

  • Don't Forget About Insurance -- Even if you have the best security system in the world and have eyes on your equipment at all times, you could still be susceptible to theft at some point. That's why it's essential that you invest in better insurance for all of your items on your property or job site. That way, in case your equipment is stolen, you're covered.

Whether you're securing down your commercial engine cylinders or other heavy equipment parts, investing in exceptional security systems, or just spending all night and day overlooking your job site, it's up to you to prevent these thieves from stealing your equipment. If you're in need of heavy equipment parts or need servicing for your equipment, contact us today.