Rubber Tracks

® rubber tracks are made out of metal core, rubber and steel cord; the finished product forms a continuous type structure. The construction of the rubber track incorporates 3 wound up metal cores, which results in increased bend ability of the track when the crawler is in action. The material and structure of the rubber tracks ultimately provide a low vibration and reduction in noise levels.

Reinforced edges are designed with thicker rubber added between the lugs. This reduces the incidence of slicing of the edges resulting in a longer operating cycle.

Special Features of the ® Rubber Tracks

  • 3 Metal Cores Wound Up: Higher durability & Better flexibility
  • Smaller Contact Surface (Smaller Lug) : Better grip & traction
  • Bi Directional: Tracks are Interchangeable
  • Reinforced Edges Between Lugs: decreasing the chance of slicing
  • Jointless: Track is much stronger than the joint type