Used Caterpillar Parts

With the responsibility of running a business that uses heavy equipment comes the need for replacement and maintenance of the trucks and machinery. With more than 40 years of cumulative experience in parts and services in the heavy equipment industry, Long Island Heavy Equipment can offer you all the help your business and machines need.

For those working in construction, trucking, scrapyards, or demolition who find themselves in need of repairs or replacements, we have a huge selection of more than 100,000 replacement parts. From Caterpillar to Komatsu equipment, we have several brands available to help you meet your machinery and trucking needs. The large amount of options may seem overwhelming, but to quickly and easily find the supplies you need, simply browse our extensive online inventory of parts and heavy equipment.

If the sound of purchasing replacement used Caterpillar parts is a little disconcerting to you, we can guarantee the quality of our re-manufactured equipment. Our experienced suppliers conduct a three-point check on all used Cat parts that are shipped to us, which are then inspected by our own team of experienced machine specialists. Our policy is to never allow a defective piece of equipment, including any used Caterpillar parts or other brands, to get in the hands of our customers.

When the time comes for repairs, we can offer a number of services, including fixing bucket linkage as well as mending loader frames. All you need to do is give us a call and explain your problems or needs to receive our equipment repairs and services.

If you live or operate in one of New York City's five boroughs or on Long Island, then we are your best choice for used cat parts and all other replacement or repair needs. Simply find us online or give us a call for the best heavy equipment services you can find.