Heavy Equipment Components Products

Long Island Heavy Equipment Parts Inc. proudly distributes high-quality parts that you can trust. Our specialists know Caterpillars and Komatsus- the industry favorites- work, inside and out, and not only will they match your specific repair need to the right part, but they guarantee their part recommendations.

Our new and used heavy manufacturing components include the following products:

We Guarantee Our Remanufactured Heavy Equipment Components

Are you worried about used parts? You do not have to be. At Long Island Heavy Equipment Parts Inc., we ensure the quality of every product we sell. Our remanufactured parts supplier does a three-point check on every piece of refurbished equipment they ship to us, and upon arrival, our specialists conduct an inspection of their own. It is our policy to never let a defective part reach the hands of our hardworking customers.

In the end, our first priority as a heavy equipment component distributor is your safety and satisfaction.

Order Your Heavy Machine Components With Us

We carry just the right replacement part for your equipment for one the best deals in New York. We guarantee your satisfaction with the shipping and quality for all of your heavy equipment components. If you need more information, contact Long Island Heavy Equipment Parts Inc. today.