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Long Island Heavy Equipment Parts Inc. is dedicated to providing value to the hardest working customers in the world. We are proud to supply remanufactured heavy equipment parts for your Caterpillar and Komatsu machinery. Our inventory of refurbished core parts is guaranteed for effectiveness, safety, and utility.

About CAT® Reman Parts

Caterpillar has a long history of promoting environmental sustainability and recycling efforts. They pioneered the use of refurbished products, and they engineered their machine’s core parts to have second, third, even fourth lives. They even have a part-for-part exchange program. When a customer brings in a worn new part, CAT® is able to replace it with a refurbished one.


About Komatsu Remanufactured Parts

Komatsu also has a reputation for steer their customers towards sustainable practices, and Komatsu remanufactured parts are known for their like-new appearance and performance. You even get to enjoy Komatsu’s one year guarantee on their reman parts.

Why Should You Use Remanufactured Heavy Equipment Parts?

For many organizations, safety is the top-of-the-mind concern when considering refurbished parts for the first time. However, Caterpillar and Komatsu have been selling reman heavy equipment parts for decades, and they encourage their customers to join them for the following reasons:


  • Reman parts are less expensive than new parts, making them more cost-effective for the customer.
  • Refurbished heavy equipment parts use less raw, non-renewable resources, so they are better for environmental sustainability.
  • Reman parts are widely available through many different vendors, and you can obtain them anywhere that sells parts, many times, within the same day that your equipment is damaged.
  • Using reman parts allows you to keep your machines longer and lower your overall cost-of-ownership.


Businesses like yours read more value when you purchase remanufactured heavy equipmentparts. When you partner with Long Island Heavy Equipment Parts Inc., you will only be purchasing reman products that have been quality-checked a minimum of three times by both our supplier and our team of specialists.

Order Your Reman Parts Today

Let us prove to you that reman parts are as good as new parts. Once you experience the value and benefits that come with using remanufactured heavy equipment parts, you may never want to purchase the parts new again. Browse our inventory, and contact us if you do not see the reman part you need.

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